Jules Verne is alive

Hector SERVADAC became in 1901, the first inhabitant of the Moon, thanks to the madness of his friend Jules VERNE and a mad scientist Zephirin XIRDAL. Emeritus selenite, he comes back on earth despite himself. Hector hides a secret that could change the face of the world… Is he capable of living again on earth, of finding humanity, of trusting him? A tale between fantasized science and lunar prophecy, it is above all an invitation to dream and to the imaginary. For Hector SERVADAC the madness of some opens the dream to others.

Duration of the show: 55 minutes.

Director: Aristide Solteck

With : Arnaud Leray

Music : Mestengo

Lighting design : Yohann Legall

Costume : Autolycus

Mask : Loic Nebreda

Literary advisor : Iréna Backer

Pao and Video : Sténo

Administration : Solutions P.I.A.F

Co-productions :

– Le théâtre des Présages

– Autolycus

– The Totem theater

– The city of Châteaubourg

– Solution P.I.A.F

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