Storytelling in the FLE classroom

Let yhou be told! in partnership with the Livre qui conte publishing house

Development of an edutainment project dedicated to storytelling for classes and institutions teaching French abroad.

An original approach centred on the art of traditional folk tales that provides a fun and cultural way of implementing the various skills of linguistic comprehension and expression in French as a foreign language, adaptable to all levels of the CEFR.

1/ Discovery of the traditional oral and written intangible heritage of the corpus of fairy tales from France and other French-speaking countries, possibly interpolated with stories from the host country;

2/ Oral and/or written comprehension based on a traditional tale or modern story (film, novel, etc.);

3/ Identification of the stages of the narrative and actancial schemes;

4/ Highlighting the elements of the combinatorial matrix (places, objects, characters, actions);

5/ Collective creation in class of the outline of a new tale;

6/ Fine work on oral and/or written expression;

7/ writing and telling individual stories

8/ Public presentation with a jury in the form of an eloquence competition.

Content and schedule of the course for FLE trainers

1/ Presentation of the 3 story patterns through a practical exercise ;

2/ Identification of the 5 main narrative universes;

3/ use of the combinatorial matrix and work on semantic fields;

4/ presentation of tools for creating characters (protagonist, opponent, adjuvant);

5/ appropriation of storytelling techniques and images applied to FLE (present tense of narration – presentation skills – description – verbs of action and movement – figures of speech: metaphor and comparison – adverbs and conjunctions of
speech progression) ;

6/ Presentation of the toolbox of the Arts and techniques of artistic eloquence (posture – voice – breath) – tongue twisters and formulas for entering and exiting the narrative.

Training in face-to-face or distance learning modes, organised as a single conference or divided into 3-hour in-depth modules over 1, 3 or 5 days.

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