The last night of Molière

The year is 1673. Le Malade imaginaire has already been performed three times. If Molière is still affected by his chest flux, he does not miss his writing moments which for years have allowed him to explore his imagination.

“Page Blanche” allows the public to visit the imagination of this author. His characters come to speak to him, to inspire him. But his inner demons disturb his creativity. He has the vague sensation that perhaps the evening’s performance will be his last.

In the midst of his creative turmoil, he realizes that he has received a package: a mask.

Duration of the show : 50 minutes.

Staging : Aristide Solteck

With : Arnaud Leray

Music : Mestengo

Light design : Yohann Legall

Costume : Autolycus

Mask of Commedia : Den

Literary advisor : Iréna Backer

Administration : Solution P.I.A.F

Pao and Video : Sténo

Co-productions :

– The theater des Présages

– The city of Châteaubourg

– Solution P.I.A.F

– The castle of Versailles.

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