Rember Yahuarkani

The best of Amazonian art

Born in 1985 in Pebas in the Loreto region, Rember Yahuarkani is today the main leader of the Amazonian pictorial art in Peru and of its contemporary revival. Rember is the son of the famous traditional painter Santiago Yahuarkani and the last representative of the White Crane clan of the Uitoto people. He defends a dreamlike art inspired by the landscapes and myths of the largest forest in the world. His demanding work, which touches on abstraction, militates for a new global indigenism, the only one capable of putting humans back in their place, in harmony with their natural environment. Regularly initiated by gallery owners and museums from all over the world, from China to Canada and Spain, Rember will be the first laureate of the Green Eye residency, SELVAS DEL MUNDO, a program of international residencies for artists from the world’s forests supported by the French Development Agency.

photo de rember yahuarkani devant un arbre tenant une de ses peintures

The art of Rember Yahuarkani

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